"E" is for

I'm delighted that Collette at Sew Tessuti has nominated me for an excellent blog award. I only started this blog so that I could post pictures for free at patternreview...I hadn't actually read many other blogs when I started, but now I love reading about other people sewing projects. I think to take on the world of fashion, negotiate through the tricky business of fabric selection, take apart all that pattern tissue and put it back together so that it fits, do battle with the sewing machine and finally emerge with your own sense of style still intact is no mean feat. I love to read about this process.

I only keep a handful of my absolute favourite sites in my quick links...there are lots of great blogs out there...I limit my list in an attempt to limit my time at the computer...I must say that I am failing miserably.

So my nominations go to a few people on my list that I don't think have received this award already (or at least not in their last few posts!)

1. Practical Polly - this girl has plenty of sass, a great sense of style and a can-do attitude (and if you missed her wonder woman jumper, take a look now)

2. Creative Reveries - Stephanie says that she likes to run and make stuff. I'm fairly new to her blog, but am enjoying it

3. Kris's color stripes - this one is not a sewing blog, but if you ever thought that the colour wheel does not tell the full story, take a peek here. Kris photographs her world and then distills the picture into it's colours. This simplification seems to make the world a little more beautiful.

4. Peacock Chic - now this girl is not afraid of colour! I love her work.


  1. Thanks! I've been enjoying reading your blog as well.

  2. Oh my!
    I've been offline for a while so not really plugged in to the blogosphere- I just saw this now.
    Thank you so much!!!