My favourite skirt pattern

I have dozens of patterns that I have only used once, a shameful number of patterns that I have not used at all, but only a handful that I have used several times...and Vogue 7735 is one of those.

Here are my versions;

My latest creation is View C, made up in a charcoal wool / polyester blend. I have tried to lighten the photograph, so that you can see the angled tuck lines.

This next one is a modified version of View C, made in Liberty batiste. I inserted godets in the tuck lines, omitted the back slit and changed the waistband to a facing.

These are all View A/B. The panels are sewn together with French seams. The panels are slightly flared, which gives the skirt a nice swing. The first 2 are made in a linen. The third one is made in a stretch poplin, which does not work so well with the French seams.

This last version was made from a bundle of offcuts from a dressmaker, sold in a remnant bin for $25. All gorgeous fabrics....enough to make both the skirt and camisole, with just one of the fabrics being leftovers from my sister's bridesmaids dress.


  1. I just had to get this pattern after seeing your versions, and found one on ETSY. It looks great, very useful.

  2. thanks for showing your great creations. I'll have to get this pattern and see if I can be half as creative as you have been