Croquis for proportions & styles

I followed the directions in Threads: June / July 2006 by Nancy Shriber to create my own croquis. Not exactly an uplifting exercise...compared to those fashion illustrations I look positively short and dumpy (surely a photographic distortion???).

What I have learned:

1. All those years of following the advice that bootcut pants will balance out the hips....I don't think so. Strangely though, bring on the flares.

2. My decision to avoid the tulip / bubble skirt trend was spot on.

3. Sleeve-less shirts for the small busted may be okay, but with my hips, a cap sleeve is even better.

4. A-line, A-line, A-line

5. Perhaps a mini would be okay.

Next were the dresses. I really want to make a few dresses this summer. I mostly tested the silhouettes of patterns I already have.

Then I refined a few of the most promising ones, as well as some of the ones I had hoped would look better. What do you think?

And lastly, some fashion illustration from my children...

All, in all, a fun and worthwhile exercise.


  1. Do you know if there are any links to this article in the Threads magazine online? It looks like a great resource!

  2. Sorry Sew Shy, I don't think there is an on-line link to this article