Astair Tee

Here is the Astair Tee by French Navy, made up in a bamboo knit from Maai Design.


Pattern details include sleeve cuffs, deep hem and side splits.

In these photos, the shirt is looking a little tight.  All the shirts in my photos lately look a little tight.  The photo below shows the real problem.   I'm trying to kid myself that it is swimming muscle, but possibly all my extra iso weight went to my back??  Is that a thing??  Anyway, I have only recently come to the realisation that I need to start doing broad back alterations.  

It was only after I bought this pattern that I realised that it was similar to one I already had - Jalie 3352.  That can happen when you own too many patterns :)  Anyway, I pulled out my Jalie for comparison, and you can see the difference in the photo below (back pieces).  It looks like the Jalie has a little more room under the arms, so I might be better off using it next time.

I am wearing the shirt with cuffs and not sleeves in the above photos, but you can see in the pattern comparison below, that the long sleeves of the Jalie are more tapered than the Astair.

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