Crazy Christmas Cozzies

Merry Christmas everybody!!  I've scheduled this post to pop up on Christmas, as I imagine I will be too busy celebrating with my family to blog, but I didn't want to spoil the surprise by posting this earlier.

About a month before Christmas, one of my teenage sons suggested that we have matching swimmers for Christmas (we did something similar for Australia Day once).  Not everybody was keen on the idea.  My daughter only came on board if she got input into the fabric choice.  We went straight to funkifabrics.  None of the Christmas prints appealed, but the gelato flamingo print made us laugh.  I ordered a few metres and was grateful that funkifabrics ship really quickly.  Only then I got carried away, and decided to sew up a storm and include quite a few members of our extended family in this project.  I'm not sure how many of them will wear them, and I am certain that not many photos will be allowed, but here is what I sewed.

For my youngest nephew

Top: Jalie 3668 Valerie
Bottoms: Jalie 3887 Clara Leggings
 (Both in size F, I have never traced off a Jalie pattern this small.  So cute!)

For my youngest niece
Top: Jalie 3247
Shirt:  Kwiksew 2889 (OOP)
Bottoms:  from the old patternschool site

For the teen boy who requested matching swimmers in the first place
Top:  Jalie 3668 Valerie, with the hips slimmed down and cuffs on the sleeves
Bottoms:  Jammers modified from Jalie 2563

For a sporty niece
Top:  Jalie 3247
Bottoms: copied from RTW

For one of the uncles
Pattern:  Bruce briefs by Joost de Kock at freesewing

For a bunch of nephews
Pattern:  Bruce briefs by Joost de Kock at freesewing
They can wear these under their board shorts or wetsuits.

For one grown up and one teen
Jalie 3885 Gerald.  Both of these versions were shortened.

For the teen girls
Top:  my own pattern
Bottom:  Her own pattern

Top: my own pattern
Bottom:  Swimstyle heiress bikini
(This was made late in the process, and I forgot to pay attention to print placement.  Oops, not sure if it will be suitable for pubic swimming).

For me
Jalie 3668 Valerie

Also for me

Swimsuit traced off RTW

I hope you're all having a wonderful day.  Best wishes, and happy sewing in 2020 xx


  1. Great job!

    Your concerns show, as you typed pubic swimming! Lol, thanks for making me smile.

  2. That fabric made me smile. And by the time I had scrolled through all the pics of the different garments, I was thinking "Holy Mackerel, that is a lot of sewing with the same fabric". A group modeling picture would have been so fun.

    1. Hi Audrey, I would have loved a group shot, but there were too many teenagers and small children to wrangle into a shot. I was just happy that everyone wore them on Christmas morning.