Stylearc Sutton Cami

Sadly, my best photo of this Stylearc Sutton woven cami has me with my eyes shut, but so be it.  I made this cami from fabric that I bought from the Crossgrain pop up sale a few weeks ago.  The colour looked so lovely on Melinda, who was wearing it on the day, but I'm not sure that it is quite the right colour for me.

I shortened the top by a few centimetres.  I did this because I prefer a shorter length, but the bonus was that I only needed 5 buttons.  I had a few choices of buttons from my stash, but only 5 of each.  These are vintage Beauclaire "Superglow" buttons.  I'm not sure what that means, but the packaging says that they were also Plant Tested and approved the the Federal Council of Dry-Cleaners of Australia!  Speaking of buttons, how do you position them?  It seems that you can't have both the buttons and buttonholes centred on the button stand for horizontal button holes.  I chose to centre the button holes, which meant sewing the buttons to the side a little, which means that the buttons are not centered on the garment.

I added little slits at the sides.  I never know whether to buy the size 10 or 12 in Stylearc tops.  When I buy the 10, I invariably think that a 12 would have been better and vice versa.  This is the 10, graded out at the hips.  It is a bit snug under the arms.  I used the back elastic length for size 14.  

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Looks nice! I think you did the right thing with the buttons. The placket edges line up, and IMO, that is the main objective.