Workout wear 2018

My entry into the Pattern Review mini-wardrobe contest was workout wear.  I have written up all the reviews over there, so will just provide links if you are interested in pattern details, fabric selection etc.

I started with the Jalie Isabelle leggings, which I modified to have a great big side pocket.

Next up was the Jalie Loulouxe skort, which I modified to be made up in a stretch woven.

The first top was the Greenstyle Creations tie-back tank.  I forgot to get a photo of it untied.

My second top was a self-drafted loose fitting tee.  Usually I run in tank tops, so this is a bit of a departure for me.

The final garment was the Stylearc Steffi Jacket.

 Whew!  Just getting them sewn and written up within the deadline was a workout in itself.


  1. Nice collection! I'm not a fan of Isabelle's bulky front pocket - the side pocket is a great idea.

  2. oooh nice!

    Hey so my pilates instructor from Brazil has a friend who sells leggings. The fabric is sooooo good. Thick, not see-through when stretched out across your bottom, and not hot like lycra is, but sort of soft and sorta-breathable. Any idea what it is and where I might buy it? Bearing in mind the plasticky-sticky fabrics are horrible in weather like we have now. (Oct. Build Up. I'm sure you can remember eeek!)

    Yeah, but seriously, I do love your wardrobe!

    1. Hey there tropical threads!

      This leggings fabric is soft and thick, although I find all leggings too hot in summer. This one doesn't feel sweaty like swimwear lycras. It is from the fabric fairy

      In Australia, you can get supplex lycra from Glitter and Dance

      Supplex is soft and feels like cotton against your skin, but is wicking. It also lasts really well. I am still wearing the supplex lycra workout clothes that I made whilst I was in Gove.

      Happy Sewing!

  3. Great idea for a mini wardrobe and clearly you will get good use from it!