Greenstyle Moxi Shorts and Tieback Tank

I had been thinking about tracing off my lululemon running shorts, when I saw that Greenstyle creations had a similar pattern in their athletic collection.  Whilst I was purchasing the Moxi shorts, the tie-back tank made its way into my cart as well.  Both these styles seem very current and reflect what can be purchased in athletic wear at the moment.  

I cut the tie back tank from two matching race shirts that neither my husband or I ever wore, to test the pattern out.  I cut a size small, grading out to a medium at the hips.  I thought the tie itself would be annoying, so I just went with the overlap option.  I ended up taking in the side seams to be a size small overall, probably because I didn't need the extra length for the ties.

I made the shorts all one colour, with no contrast binding or waistband.  I cut according to my hip size, but didn't put in the in-built undies.  They are comfortable to run in, but they feel shorter than my RTW shorts and a lot "airier" at the back, which make me feel a bit self-conscious.

I ended up tracing off my RTW shorts and comparing the patterns.  My RTW shorts have a  shorter front crotch length.  The instructions with the moxi shorts (which are very good) describe how to take in the legs, but I think I am better off removing some of the crotch length than outer leg width.  The moxi shorts have a higher waistband, which I prefer.

For my next pair, I ended up combining the two patterns.  

I even put in a waistband pocket.

I haven't worn them running yet, but they were comfortable for a day out over the Easter weekend.

Finding suitable fabric for running shorts is hard.  For both shorts, I used stretch woven poly/lycra fabric from The Fabric Fairy.  I used swimwear lycra for the outer waistband and supplex for the inner band.  I used the supplex for comfort, but am wishing that I had used something a bit more quick dry as they think these shorts would be good for hiking holidays.

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  1. What a great idea turning old event t-shirts into something you wear! I will look at mine in a new light now :)