La Mia Boutique shorts

This is the first pattern I have ever made up from La Mia Boutique.  It is from Anno XXXII - N. 7 Luglio 2017 - model 2.

I have a RTW pair of shorts that have ripped on the pocket and lost the elasticity in the waistband, and I thought that this shorts pattern would be a good base to copy them.  Here is a picture of the RTW inspiration pair.

I copied the front patch pocket detail, which is an unusual shape, from the RTW pair.

The back pockets are as per the pattern, only without the top-stitching.

The fabric is a Nani Iro cotton sateen, with a lovely sheen and a painted on dot.  I got mine from Miss Matatabi.  The fabric is a lighter weight and more sheer than I woulds normally use for shorts, but it is very similar in weight to the RTW pair, which I wore a lot.

I will change out the drawsrting for a closer colour match next time I get to a fabric store.

These shorts will most likely be part of my wardrobe entry at PR.  Here they are being worn with two of the other wardrobe pieces (which I have yet to blog).


  1. Lovely! These are perfect! How nice to replicate your RTW shorts. Isn't it an awesome thing we sewists do.
    Becca G

  2. I love seeing the inspiration to final garment posts! Your shorts are perfect - great length, white which of course goes with everything and is cool to wear - they are the perfect shorts!

    1. Hi Kathleen, I enjoyed your post on your 2018 challenge, but I couldn't work out how to leave a comment over there.

  3. Oh yes, I really like these! Nothing better than being able to replicate and improve a fav RTW item :)