Simplicity Skort

I thought that I would never sew for teenage children, but it turns out that clothes shopping with / for teenage daughters is not so fun either.  Sizing is a big part of the problem when you are moving on from the style of children's clothing and too short for adult clothing.  This is one outfit I have sewn that has been regarded as a success.

The skort pattern is Simplicity 1370.  When I measured her hips, it put her between a Sz 4 and 6.  I decided to cut the 6.  My mistake.  I am pear shaped, so I always measure the hips.  She is more rectangular, with little waist definition, so she could hardly zip it up to the waist.  I had to let out the seam allowances as far as they could go.  Based on waist measurement, I should have cut a Sz 12.

She loves the pockets!

The top pattern is one that I evolved from a dress I made her a couple of years ago and is basically a princess seamed strapless bodice.  Lots of pin-fitting as we go.  At the last moment, I decided to let the seams out a bit at the hem level, and now she finds it too loose.  I guess I could unpick the hem and take the seams in again.

I put in press studs at the back.

This cotton fabric is still available from EmmaOneSock.


  1. Very cute outfit. The pockets are excellent - no wonder she loves them!
    I did much the same thing as you when I started sewing for my teenager daughter: assumed her body shape would be similar to mine. And was wrong, of course!

  2. Glad you made the comment "I assumed we would have the same fitting issues, but didn't". Will keep this mind, as my daughter grows out of children's sizing.
    Btw, if you have a son this months burda will prove useful.
    Mary in Thailand