Flared top with yoke, v2

I really am enjoying all these iterations of a pattern draft.  Whilst sometimes it feels that I am not progressing onto new things, at other times I am pleased to have a selection of patterns that fit so well.

For this version, I changed the shape of the yoke, so that it went back up to the neckline, rather than to the shoulder line.  I added way more flare to the front.

A week ago, this fabric was part of a peasant style dress at Target.  I saw it in the window, loved the colour, raced in and bought it in the largest size I could.  Even still, I only just managed to cut this top out of the dress.

The yoke insert was cut from a table cloth that I bought at Vinnies years ago.  The cloth had holes in one corner, but I always loved the print and thought I would make it up into something funky one day.  I guess that day has come (though I still have plenty more of the table cloth left).  I am in a real stash-using rather than stash-building phase.  I seem to have plenty of stuff and I really don't want to be the person that dies with the biggest stash of beautiful unused materials.  And it is not likely that I will stop buying beautiful fabrics as they come my way.

The edging around the yoke is sewn from a knit fabric.  The colour was perfect and I thought it made the yoke pop out a little bit more.

The back view is pretty plain.  It has a a CB seam and an opening at the neck. The back is shorter than the front.  It is also significantly less flared than the front.

Here is a view of me wearing the top.  It would hang better if I didn't have my hands in my pockets!

This is one of my favourite makes.


  1. I love this... I love the colour on you and love it was a dress. It looks like it could be a rayon, I don't think you say.
    Very clever with the tablecloth insert too! Gee you've been so busy I can't even catch up! I love the bags and I like the chambray colour top too.

    1. You are right Summer Flies, it is rayon, which gives the top a lovely drape.

  2. Great top, Great colour. Love the vintage fabric yoke.

  3. Super cute! I have been eyeing off RTW to remake these days - it is all about the fabric!

  4. I like both of your flared tops. Good to know I and not the only one that buys garments for the fabric. Great reuse of a tablecloth too.