Drafting Flared top with yoke

I do find flared tops comfortable to wear in this hot climate.  Here is another one of my drafts.

Putting in the yoke gives me more places to insert some flare into the top.  The front fabric is a linen from Tessuti.

I put some subtle embroidery on the yoke, in orange to match the back fabric.

For the back, I used a hemp striped knit.  I didn't plan this top for these fabrics...I was casting my eyes around for something to use for a muslin when I spotted these leftovers from other projects.  I had to cut the front on the bias to get it to fit.  I ended up turning the muslin into wearable.

I have been doing the "Drawing Fashion Flats" class on Craftsy.  I have not got very far with it yet, but already I am drawing different design details to help pick which ones I want to draft...this is obviously not a new concept for most people, but I have never really been able to draw and mostly just carry my ideas around in my head.

Some shots of the top being worn.

So, I don't actually love how this top looks on me....partly the design, partly the fabrics, partly the colours...but I did improve upon all of these in version 2.  Stay tuned :)


  1. Oh I love it! I especially like the keyhole at the front. Mix of fabrics is great, too.

  2. It's great! If you don't see it now, you will later.

  3. Looks lovely and cool - looking forward to the next iteration.

  4. This is so nice! Looks perfect for the heat of summer. I love getting inspiration for your creations for my own hot climate.

  5. super cute! love the contrast fabric at the back