Scrap busting running singlets

I've had these running tops in mind for a while,  but Zoe's post on scrap busting being published as I was attempting to declutter my sewing room spurred me to action.

Top 1

 Top 2

Top 3

The fabrics were all from my scrap drawer, all lightweight and non-clingy.  There is a real mix of fibres...cotton, silk, polyester, mesh, bamboo.

The pattern is my own.  I started with one of my woven tank patterns, ignored the bust dart and used the side seam of the back piece to draw a new side seam for the front piece.  I then lowered the armhole and added some width to the side seam below the armhole to give a loose fit.

I didn't get too precious about the sewing, so in some places the binding is less than perfect and I think one of my seams ended up on the outside instead of the inside.  After looking at the photos, I think I need to adjust the tensions on my overlocker.  All the piecing was done on the overlocker.

I wore the first one for a run last night, and it went well.  The run was very hot and a loose tank over a sports bra is my preferred running attire for hot weather.


  1. I love your scrap projects! A nice loose tank for hot-weather athletic endeavors is a great idea.

  2. The green one it's my favorite! Great pattern, love the back!