Lycra 2015

This is a round-up post of my unblogged lycra makes in 2015.

1.  Swimsuit for me

Pattern:  top - self-drafted, based on my sports bra pattern, which I originally traced off from a RTW bra.  I wanted the high neck and cut in shoulders which are very fashionable in swimwear at the moment.  bottoms - modified from a Patrones pattern, to give more bum coverage.

Fabric:  nylon lycra from stash (I forget the original source)

I was really happy with these, as I managed to achieve the look I was after.

2.  Jalie leggings

Pattern:  Jalie 3462, Cora running shorts
Fabric:  Titan lycra from funkifabrics

My sister made up this pattern and loved it.   For me, this project was a disaster from woe to go.  I was making these from leftovers, and struggling to cut all the pieces.  In the mean-time, I made up the sports bra listed below and discovered that it was way too small and that the titan lycra does not have the amount of stretch required for this Jalie pattern. This pattern has a fair amount of negative ease.  I then basted the main panels together and tried them on.  Negative ease may be all very well for people who have muscles to compress, but I have a little bit more than muscle and this amount of negative ease was not comfortable or flattering.  I added a 10 cm strip to the side of each leg and used this opportunity to add side pockets, which I prefer.  The leggings then sat on my sewing room floor for several months waiting for me to work out what size to cut the leg cuffs and waistband and whether or not I could cut them from my scraps.  I added wide elastic to the waistband instead of the narrow elastic specified by the pattern.  I do wear these but they don't feel great and the photos show that they do not fit my butt particularly well.  Not sure if I will try this pattern again in stretchier fabric.

3. Stylearc leggings

You would think that I have enough leggings patterns in my stash by now, but I liked the style details on these, so bought the pattern anyway.

These turned out ok.  After basting together the main pieces, I found that I did not have enough butt coverage.  I took out the pink back yoke and replaced it with a deeper yoke, grading back to the pattern at the side seams.  It would have been more flattering to add to the triangle fabric rather than the pink yoke, but I was fitting on the go.  I don't like my leggings to be too tight around the waist (belly ache), so I can't really use the back phone...the weight of my phone is enough to drag the leggings down whilst I run.

4. Boys swim trunks - I made 3 of these

Pattern:  Jalie 2563.  I have shown you this photo of my pattern modifications before.  I combine the main panels, cut off a crotch piece, add some volume to the crotch and cut it on the fold so that there is a triangular front crotch panel, which I line.

Fabric:  polyester lycra from funkifabrics

This is how the first pair started out.

This is how they ended up.  That is a rip in the fabric, not a tear along the seam line.  Lucky I lined them.  I think this happened whilst he was swimming breast-stroke.  For the second pair I tried to add more room at the crotch, but they ended up baggy and chafing.  For the third pair, I went back to the first pattern.

I'm not sure why this happened to the fabric.  My kids swim 3 - 4 times a week and this happened after about 3 months.

I keep on making them though, because he tells me that none of the RTW ones we own fit him properly (he is very slight).

5.  Girls swimsuit - I made 2 of these

Pattern:  Jalie 3134, with several panels combined.
Fabric:  this pair, polyester lycra from funki fabrics.  The previous pair were a combination of lycras from funkifabrics and spotlight.  The spotlight fabric wore out before the funki fabrics fabric.

The first pair were Sz O, which were too tight, and this  one is Sz P, with a lowered leg line, and the back modified to eliminate side back waist gaping.  It is a bit long in the body, so I cut the straps shorted, which pulls up the back a bit too much.  She finds these more comfortable than her speedos.

6. Gymnastics longs

Fabric:  polyester lycra from funkifabrics
Pattern:  Jalie 2914

7.  Sports bra

Pattern:  Jalie 3247
Fabric:  outer is funki fabrics titan lycra, inner is supplex.

Sadly, this bra is way too small for me.  Instant head ache when I put it on.  Jalie 3247 is much more compressive than Jalie 2563, which I have used successfully before.  I did not realise this, nor that my fabric did not have the recommended amount of stretch, when I cut this out.  My daughter is hoping that she fits into this soon.

8.  Girls sporty bikinis - I made 2 sets of these (1 for my niece)

Pattern:  top - Jalie 2564, modified to have cut on straps  , bottoms - copied from RTW.
Fabric:  polyester lycra from funki fabrics.

These have been a hit and have been worn all summer.


  1. Wow you really have been stretching yourself! Terrible pun...but I love the Style Arc leggings and your daughter's swim squad suit looks like it came out of the Speedo factory. Well done.

  2. You have been very busy (no clever puns here!). I love the togs and I particularly love the fruity lycra... how fun and bright. I can see why they are being used a lot. That supplex looks like some my niece has in RTW leggings and I'd love to get some... where do you buy it from? Hers are Lulu Lemon and it's soft and stretchy and she loves it's properties. I have the Jalie swimming patterns waiting for the holidays to be over so I can get to making some for me. I'm procrastinating though but I'm desperate for new togs. My son needs some too... I'm a bit anxious about making them but I guess it's only lycra so not much to risk.

  3. very inspiring swim & workout wear pieces.
    Love the beautiful lycra fabrics you chose!

  4. Great makes! I especially love that first bathing suit- super cute!

  5. Your active wear is as always inspiring! It is a shame about the too small bra because it is really pretty.