Tank Dress, 1st draft

I interrupted my Craftsy / Suzy Furrer drafting schedule to draft an easy pull-on tank dress for summer.  When I went to Lincraft to pick up some more calico for muslins, I saw this pretty rayon at half price and decided to skip the muslin for this draft and use it instead.  I was confident enough of getting something wearable on the first draft.

When I was drafting this dress, I was heavily influenced by the tank dresses in the Built by Wendy Spring '10 collection.  They have narrow straps and very low scooped out neckline.  I don't think I scooped mine quite enough.  Now that I look back, hers is almost squarish.  I ended up binding so that my raw edge was the garment edge, because I thought my neckline was as low as I wished to go during a mid-sew try-on.

I did not add any length to the bodice for blousing (the built by wendy versions are quite sleek, even though the waist is gathered), but I did find when wearing it that my waist seam would creep up above the belt during the day.  I will add a little blousing / wearing length here next time.

Initially, I was going to draft a straight skirt.  The built by wendy model is a wee, young thing and I am not such a wee, young thing anymore and decided at the last moment to go with a fuller, longer A-line skirt.  This makes it more every day wearable rather than worry about flashing my knickers as I go about all the bending and moving about that is required in my normal daily schedule.

Of course, wearable is not the same as perfect.  I would like to make the following changes to my next draft.
- raise neckline and armholes by 6 mm, so that I can turn the binding to the inside
- change French dart to a side dart, as it all seems a bit droopy in the rayon
- take in the side seams under the arm a little, again because of the droopiness of the rayon
- reduce the amount of flare in the A-line skirt portion
- add 15 mm bodice length for blousing
- Scoop the curve on the front neckline a little more?

So, quite a few changes, but I am happy to wear this dress in the meantime.


  1. A great wearable muslin! Very pretty!

  2. Hi. Lovely dress muslin. You put a question mark on the neckline - I think it looks balanced and seems to sit well (when bending?) as is. But then if you lower it you may get a more "strappy" look, so it's what pleases you. I have enjoyed watching you go through the drafts and it has inspired me to "stop scrolling and start sewing", well drafting anyway!

  3. It's a great basic style and I have to say that colour really suits you.

  4. I dont see any NEEDED improvements. Absolutely love IMO

  5. I live in tank dresses in summer - I think you'll live in it and I'm sure it was super fast to make, even with the drafting.

  6. That is a very wearable muslin and such a pretty fabric!

  7. Yup, very wearable muslin. I adore that shade of um, pink? Coral? Orange? and would totally have bought it for a hopefully-wearable muslin, in your shoes. The colour suits you, and so does the dress, I think :-)