Denim Pencil Skirt

Clearly, I need a new iron.  My old one doesn't steam any more and the smaller one I bought as a replacement is not nearly as heavy as the old one and doesn't seem to have made much impact on this denim skirt.  I wore it anyway.

I thought that this skirt would be a real wardrobe winner when I made it a few months ago, but in truth, I have hardly worn it.  The colour should work in well with my other makes, but I don't seem to have quite the right tops. The skirt has a pencil silhouette, but the top of my skirt is below the waist and slightly loose, which is less than ideal for tuck-ins...not that I like tucking a shirt in anyway.  Longer tops would obscure the pocket detail and seem a little frumpy.  I think perhaps a tee with a hemband would work well.

Also, the denim has no stretch and the pattern has no slit, so the skirt is a little restrictive to walk in.

I found this traced off pattern in my stash when I was looking for something else.  I am certain it is from a Burdastyle magazine, but I was obviously in a hurry when tracing as I have not written the style number or even the size I traced.  I have a vague memory of tracing it off when I should have been packing to move house one time.

I love the pockets with their little pleats.  These were the feature that made me trace off the pattern in the first place.

I also did a really neat job of the fly, but I forgot to photograph that.

The denim was a designer (can't remember which one) denim (100 % cotton, no stretch) from EmmaOneSock that I bought for denim shorts for my daughter and then kept for myself.  Besides, denim shorts for her seem like too much work...whilst my wardrobe is mostly me-made, my children mostly wear RTW.  I always thought that I would sew more for them than I do.


  1. I love this outfit. The skirt and top look terrific together. I really love red with aqua. Did you make your top too? My sister bought me a Tefal steam big chunky iron thing from the op shop a while ago (the ones with the big water tank and sit on a big base and steam terrifically) and it is great. It takes the effort out of ironing. It's hard sewing for children as they outgrow it so quickly and whoosh there goes all your time and work. You'll appreciate it for much longer.

  2. Very cute! I made this skirt pattern too, and wore it to death. Nice to see that nice pleat detail - maybe I'll make this again too!

  3. If you are looking for a great denim skirt pattern I've just made one from a 2009 edition of Burda magazine. It even has two vent pleats in the back. Will post to my blog when I get back to town. I really like your top. Did you make it too?

  4. I like that skirt - I will have to keep an eye out for the pattern.

  5. Oh those pleats on the pocket are sweet.I agree with Summer Flies about the colour combination looking good. I also agree about a tefal iron - all the irons at the quilting club are tefal, and those quilters take their pressing very seriously indeed ;-)