Steeplechase leggings

I have noted that all the other pattern testers blogging about their Steeplechase leggings  have very sporty shots of their leggings in action.  It was so hot here when I was testing this pattern that I could only wear shorts to run in.  I am still only wearing shorts and can't bear to wearing leggings of any length.  So I thought I would make a winter version of this pattern....a lounging pair with yoga style waistband.  My only other yoga style pants are so old and worn they are hardly fit to wear.  Because it is still so hot here, I have only put my steeplechase leggings on long enough to take photos for Melissa...so these are the photos you get as well...don't compare me to all those other sporty models popping up in the blogosphere!

I was in such a hurry when sewing these that I made all sorts of mistakes.  Well, not at first.  First, I made all my marks, because the pattern pieces are rather unusually shaped, and sewed each leg together correctly.  Only then, I assumed that I had sewing one leg inside out (which I hadn't), so I cut the stitching off (it was overlocked), losing all my marks and proceeded to sew the leg inside out for real.  Then I sewed both legs together, only to discover one leg faced forwards and the other backwards.  So I cut the stitching off again and resewed it all correctly.  Then I put the waistband on back to front, as you can see.  This is just a lounging-at-home version so I have left it.

The big deal with this pattern is that there is no inner leg seam.  I don't generally have a problem with legs chafing, so this didn't necessarily excite me as a pattern feature...only then when I put them on, I was genuinely surprised at how comfortable they were, even in my soy-bamboo-earth motherish fabric that doesn't have especially great stretch or recovery. So, come winter, I will make a running version of this pattern, with the nifty back pocket.

And speaking of running, I have just completed my fastest-5k program (well, a slightly modified version).  I knocked 3 minutes off my 5k time and this week, for the first time ever, I am not the slowest runner in my running club :)


kbenco said...

I am sure I will always be the slowest runner ;(. That's a big difference in 4 weeks. The leggings look good with a yoga waistband, I'll have to try some with that variation.

Anonymous said...
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Summer Flies said...

I love the colour of these. I'm not a runner but soon starting up at a new gym so maybe I'll get into making some too.