Dance-style tee

I have always loved those oversized tees that fall off the shoulder. To me, they are 3 parts luxe and 7 parts Flashdance. I had a green striped one when I was a kid that I wore for years, but somewhere, sometime I stopped wearing them. Perhaps when fashion went from Big is Beautiful to Fit is Flattering. I have been coveting the ones that I have seen over the last few months, but still was hesitant to add them to my wardrobe. Then, last week, I borrowed Rachel Zoe's Style book from the library. She says that dark wash jeans and a drapey shirt are her uniform and I feel that I could learn a little from Rachel Zoe. So, it may not be what she had in mind, but Rachel has given me permission to make this tee.

My version is milder than others I have seen...not quite so oversized, not quite such a wide neck, but I love it...I have made 2 versions already and worn them both. The pattern is Vogue 7933 (OOP). I shortened the sleeves, as I had only purchased the length in fabric. The pattern has only 3 pieces...front, back and waistband. This fabric is still available from Tessuti. As you can imagine, this was really quick to whip up, so I got my sewing fix without my family complaining about the time spent at the sewing machine.

I bought my daughter a sewing machine today. Her birthday is not for a couple of months, but it was a great deal. She (and her brothers) are always asking me if they can sew bags, but I never want to let them on my machine, because I could not do without it for a few days if they messed it up. This one is a basic Elna, which is the same brand as mine, so I hope it takes the same bobbins and feet. She will only be 6, which may be a little young, but her Grandma bought her a toy sewing machine for Christmas which is very frustrating to use and the stitches pull straight out. I am looking forward to teaching her to sew...let's hope that it doesn't end in tears for both of us!


  1. I sewed my first doll at 7 (with some help from my sisters) so I reckon your daughter won't be far off.. what a milestone eh?

    Love the tee, you're rockin' that look.

  2. Opps! What I meant to say was that I think this shirt looks fantastic! A real winner!

  3. She's a maniac.MANIAC! ON.THE.SEWING MACHINE! and he makes clothes that you've never seen befooorrreee. Hee

    Love it!

  4. The tee is fabulous - great colors.

    I love that you've bought your daughter her first (real) sewing machine! If only my folks had done the same for me when I was little :)

  5. Nice top. Wear what you love.

    I think it's great the little one is intersted in sewing. Whe may be a rising star!

  6. Katherine, this looks really hot. I'm another 80s girl and had all sorts of wide boatnecks on my tops and dresses. Loved them!

    Can I ask a favour? A really BIG favour? I'd love a copy of that Vogue pattern. I had my eye on it a while back and must have been out of the store when we went through that Vogue pattern discard day!!!! OOPs. I had no idea that pattern was no longer available. They always discard the good ones #^*!. I'll even send you the tracing paper, if you need it.

    Plus I'll swap you for some fabric. I have just the one in mind.Unless of course there's anything else you'd like?

    No hurry though....I can wait.

    x Colette

  7. Also...forgot to say. I don't think it's ever too early to teach them to sew. It's amazing how quickly they pick it up, and it teaches them great patience skills.

    She's going to love her present. Start her on bags or a lap granny square quilt. Hope we see pics.

    Having said that, my girls always ask me to have a sewing day with them,and I've always got other things to finish doing first!!!I should take my own advice! Sigh!

  8. you have no idea how lucky you are that your daughter wants to sew. My daughter just takes my sewing ability for granted when she needs a new dance costume ("Mum, I'm in a competition in a week, and I haven't finished the dance yet, but I need a costume for it," and refuses to let me make anything for her other than dance wear because it CAN'T look home made! Heaven Forbid!
    Argh. I just can't win, can I?

  9. Great top! I love painterly, abstract prints like this. It is a nice casual look with a bit extra.