All the layers

I normally only talk about one garment per post, but earlier this week I found myself wearing layers and layers of unblogged garments, so I am going to throw them all together into this post.

The neck cowl was made by arm-knitting.  Fadanista showed me how to do this.  She assured me that I would have a completed garment before I left, and to my surprise, I actually did.  Not like all my other started-not-completed knitting projects.  The other fun part about this project is that you don't actually have to use yarn.  I used a remnant that I got as part of a bundle that I didn't think I would use for another garment.  I stitched the slevedges of the fabric together and then cut strips in a continuous loop.   The coloured bits of the scarf are bamboo and merino scraps that were lying on my table from making t-shirts.  I didn't take photos of the process, but you can see a little on Sue's instagram account.  .  

The jumper I was wearing was made by modifying the Jalie Mimosa t-shirt pattern.  I changed the sleeves to have rib cuffs.  I then cut 5 cm from the hem of the shirt pattern, so that I could put "cuffs" on the hems.  This is actually a good way to avoid sewing regular hems in a rib knit, which often end up wavy.  I then straightened the hem curve just by ruling a traight line from the top of the split to the intersection of my new hem line and the curved split.

The striped tee is made in a linen knit from Knitwit.  I used Jalie 3352, with a couple of changes.  I added hembands to the sleeves.  I also reduced the waist shaping, as my previous versions (any many versions that I see online) seem to have pull lines from the underarm area to the bust.  Making the side seams less curved seems to have solved this problem.

And finally, my singlet, which would probably never have made it to my blog on its own.  It is a merino sinlet, made using Jalie 3245.  I have made this pattern a lot, and always lower the underarms by at least an inch, for comfort.  My merino binding wasn't working out, so I cut my losses and bound the edges with a bamboo knit.  I have made 8 merino singlets this winter and am almost always wearing one....as a base layer, as pajamas, for exercise.  Probably the only time I don't wear one is when I go for a swim.  Come on, summer.

My pants are the previously blogged stylearc ethel pants.  The bra peeking out is greenstyle creations power bra.