All the long leggings

Moving to a colder climate meant that I needed to switch out my exercise shorts and capri leggings for longer leggings this year. 

The first time I tried the Jalie 3462 Cora pattern, the result was a disaster, but I think that was due to my fabric not being stretchy enough, so I thought I would give the pattern another go.  I didn't want to use my favourite fabrics though, in case this second attempt didn't work out either.  I used some swimwear lycra that one of my sisters gave me.  I didn't have enough fabric to make the curved waistband, so I used a really wide, soft elastic (maybe 10 cm wide?) inside of a straight casing. These turned out much better than the first pair.  I think I really need to review my collection of Jalie patterns, trying some of them a size up or size down or in different fabrics.  I think I have been too quick to write off patterns in the past and seek a shiny new pattern, when all I really needed was a different size.

These have a large pocket at the back, but personally, I prefer side pockets.

This next pattern is the Greenstyle Creations Super G Tights.  I think I graded from a large in the waist, to a medium in the hips and a small in the legs.  I also shaped the legs a bit more to have more room in the calves and less in the ankles.  The fabric is a beefy, very stretchy polyester from the Fabric Fairy.  These are my warmest leggings.

I like the big side pockets.  I had to piece the pocket fabric fabric together to get this to fit in 1m of fabric, which explains the extra ridge near the bottom of the pocket.  My memory is hazy, but I think I cut the long gusset on the other grain.  My fabric is so stretchy that it doesn't matter.

I also made a matching Greenstyle Creations Power bra.  The sizing for this pattern seems unusual, as it put me in an E cup, and I am definitely not an E cup!  I made the E cup just to see how it would turn out, but this fabric is so stretchy, that I don't know if I need to go down several cup sizes or just use a less stretchy fabric.  I dyed the elastic to match.  It should have been a perfect match, but for some reason, my elastic only too the blue dye and left all the red dye in the water.  

The next pair are the Jalie 3674 Isabelle tights, modified to have large side pockets.  You can see all the lumps of things sticking out of my pockets.  These are made out of a lighter weight supplex, which feels so beautiful to wear.  The fabric makes these my favourites, but I have to make sure I am wearing lighter coloured underwear, and I don't have any matching tops.  These photos were taken during a dusk bushwalk, which is why they are not very clear.

These next ones are my "self-drafted" pattern, originally modified from a stylearc pattern.  Additional modifications this time around were eliminating the mesh panels and lengthening them to ankle-length.  In these photos, I am wearing them hiking, but I made them for running.  Each of the previous patterns have the wide waistband with a 1 cm wide elastic sewn into the top seam.  I don't like this elastic too tight (seems to trigger sciatica), and whilst a wide waistband is more flattering, I find that it falls down for running, probably because the elastic is not tight enough.  Instead I prefer straight waistband enclosing a ~4 cm wide elastic.  The elastic is snug, but not too tight, and they don't need to be pulled up whilst I am running.  Also, big pockets for my phone.  These are not as compressive as the other patterns, and I could probably modify my pattern to take them in a little, but I don't mind if they are not tight, just so long as they stay up.  The fabric is a heavier-weight supplex.

Now I have a drawer full of warmer workout wear, but really, I'd love it to be warm enough to wear shorts and a tank again.

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