Fiesta Dress

I was invited to a party that requested dressing in the "Mexican Fiesta" theme. 

I decided to go with a Mexican themed fabric, rather than a traditional Mexican style of dress.  I found this very funky fabric from Voodoo Rabbit, which has rather a lot of Mexican themed fabrics to choose from.  There was only 1.9 m left of this 112 cm wide fabric, so my options were limited.

The skirt portion of the dress is from The Papercut Patterns Bustier Dress.  The Bustier Dress was part of their first collection, and I don't think it is available any more, so no link to the pattern.  The top half of the dress is self-drafted.  The fabric is an Alexander Henry quilting cotton, and has a tendency to stretch out whilst being worn.  It was a quick sew, with none of the internal structure that is really required in a strapless or one-shoulder dress, so stretching out could potentially lead to a wardrobe malfunction.  I decided to add a shoulder strap to mitigate this problem, but don't have any photos of the dress with the strap.


  1. You look very festive in this dress - it looks fun to wear and in the spirit of the occasion. Awesome fabric.

    But this comment is really to congratulate you on you win in the Pattern Review reversible contest - fantastic job! It's very hard to win a competition on PR - so kudos to you! xxx

  2. Gee this is a fun dress. The colours are so great on you, I hope you get a lot of wear out of it. Oh thanks to Mary Nanna - I didn't know you had won the reversible contest... congrats!

  3. Such a happy dress! love it! You look great!

  4. This is so fun!!
    Congratulations on your contest win!!

  5. Fun dress, Love the earring too! Congrats on winning the contest.