Stylearc Savannah Knit Top

I don't need to dress for the cold very often, but Friday night soccer games all seem to played in valleys, where it feels at least 10 degrees cooler than anywhere else in town.  I thought I would freshen up my winter wardrobe with a Savannah knit top.  Originally, I bought the pattern to wear as a t-shirt.  I was drawn to the details on the line drawing, but when the pattern arrived, the recommended fabrics included light sweater knit and light ponte, so I suddenly doubted my original choice of a viscose jersey.  Instead I went with an unusual pique-textured cotton from EmmaOneSock.  

The pattern has simple lines, but interesting details.  There are deep facings on the hem and sleeve. The pattern suggests using a contrast fabric for the facings, but this was a tricky colour to look for a suitable contrast in my stash, so I used  self fabric for the facings.

Here you can see the side hem detail.

This curved split is echoed in the sleeve.

The neck edge is finished with a facing and there are unusual folds in the shoulder seam.

I had a little trouble with the pattern, but that was because I tried to fit on the run.  I bought a 12, and in this fabric, I probably should have stuck to the 12.  Instead, I tried to narrow the chest and bust area in the front, and then reduce the sleeve to a size 10...only, being a single size pattern, I was guessing.  The sleeve seams have been moved so show of the sleeve hem split, so it wasn't as straight forward as using a 10 sleeve from another pattern.  My sleeve side seams did not match up.  In the end, I pin fitted the sleeve seam on my paper tape body double.  The sleeves are quite narrow, and my fabric is not that stretchy, so I probably should have kept it simple and stuck with the 12 sleeve.

The final garment is not the most versatile piece in my wardrobe.  The colour is unusual (it is a bit darker and browner than the photos suggest) and it was not the snuggliest choice for a sweater, so it might end up a bit of an orphan. I would like to try the pattern again in another fabric.


  1. It's such a shame when garments end up as orphans! It looks like a great pattern, I hope that you do make it up again in a different fabric.

  2. I've always loved a curved hem on a top - the curved split at the cuff to match is kinda cool! The texture of your fabric certainly looks interesting - sorry to hear it'll be a bit of an orphan!

  3. I love the hem on this top and the tricky tricks at the shoulder. It looks terrific on you and I love it with the bright pink scarf. I've done a bit of that chop on the run and although it works out a lot of times sometimes it just doesn't. Can't really tell by looking here though so hopefully it will get some love.