Ottobre Shorts - Rumble and Roll

I bought the Ottobre Summer 3/2017 edition, because it has a shorts pattern that I think my teen daughter will like (the Itty bitty linen shorts).  I have not got to those yet, but I have made up the Rumble and Roll 2/3 length jeans for my younger son.

I notice that all of his RTW shorts get sucked up his bum, so I started with the size smaller than his hip measurement and did a full butt adjustment.  I just guessed at how much extra room to add, but I may have overdone it because these have a saggy butt.  It makes them comfy for lounging on the couch, even though they are a skinny fit jean, so overall I think that is okay.  I had to use a much smaller elastic length than the pattern suggested to pull in the waist.

The fabric is an Echino linen / cotton blend.

He is happy with them, and it makes a nice change from the seven pairs of flouro Best & Less nylon shorts that usually make up his washing pile.  Mostly he wears them with a t-shirt, but he dressed them up with a collared shirt for these photos.  Didn't get out of the Ugg boots though :)

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