Stylearc Elani Tunic

This garment is a real departure in style for me.  We only have cool weather for a few weeks of the year, and every year my wardrobe comes up short.  I thought it should make some tops with sleeves.  Not that this really has sleeves.  This is the Elani Tunic from Stylearc.

When I discovered Miss Matatabi last year, I ordered some Kokka 3 min. corduroy (you can see my corduroy dress here). They had a picture of the blue colourway made up into an oversized top which quite took my fancy.  I didn't buy the pattern at the time, but kept thinking about it, until I decided that the Stylearc Elani would give me the same sort of effect.
Image result for kokka pattern 

After reading Meg's review of the Elani Tunic, I left off the pockets.  My cuffs don't fold back.  This wasn't intentional.  I block fused some rayon to use for the neck, hem and sleeve facings, thinking that they would sit better in a lighter fabric than the corduroy.  I did remember about the cuffs before I sewed the sleeve facings on, but by then I had made facings in the rayon and couldn't be bothered making another set.  Not a big deal, I know, but sometimes you need to get finished and get on with other stuff. 

I don't think my tunic looks as good as either Meg's or the Stylearc model.  Not sure if it is just fabric choice, or body type or if I should have sized down.  Anyway, hubby liked it and was surprised I changed out of it to go out to dinner.


  1. The fabric is really cool and this pattern shows it off well even if it's not 100% your style. It looks like it'll go well with your peach jeans too! I almost ordered from Miss Matatabi the other day with the great sale they're having now, but their shipping was almost as much as the order. Ah, well!

    1. Yes, the shipping slows me down. Probably just as well, given that I already have more fabric than I will ever sew!

  2. I think It looks great!! The fabric is fabulous!

  3. Cool fabric! The tunic looks good on you though as you say it is not your normal style Maybe you need to wear it without pants like the model in your inspiration picture. Just kidding.