Stylearc Winona Knit Top

This was a freebie pattern I got with another order from Stylearc.  It looked like a quick sew, and it was...I have made it up twice already.

This pink striped cotton knit is from The Fabric Store in Brisbane.  I have bought this fabric twice now; once for my daughter and once for me.  I used larger grommets than the pattern specified, because that is the size I have.  I was interrupted by a visitor just before installing the last grommet, and when I returned, I had lost concentration and put the last one in upside down...it is the most visible one as well :(.  The folds in the sleeve are trickier than I expected, because of the angle of the seam in near the armhole.   For this version, I interfaced the inset corners at the bottom of the neckband, because I had so much trouble getting nice corners on my first version below.

This mocha fabric was in the remnant bin at The Fabric Store last time I visited.  It is a silky soft bamboo and was only $7 for the piece.  I didn't put the grommets in this version,because I thought it would be dressier without them, but really, the neckline is probably a tad too low without them.  There doesn't seem to be any gaping though, so I'll wear it few times and see how it goes.


  1. These look great! I have some grommets on their way in the post and I have this pattern in my queue.

  2. Super cute. I want to experiment with using grommets.

  3. Really like both versions, especially the pink one! Have to check out this pattern

  4. Absolutely love the style of the pink one on you! The ties are really cool chunky. I would never have suspected they'd be the same pattern!