Pattern Curator - Winter 2016

This is my pattern picking game for winter - 6 patterns, 6 different pattern companies, my picks.  I have held off making my picks as it has been so warm, right up until about 4 days ago, when the temperatures dropped and my shorts and tank tops finally felt a bit inadequate.

1 Jeans - .Angela Wolf The Angel Bootcut Jean

I have not needed jeans for years.  Then I wanted to make some when we moved south last year, and I bought denim, but my head was full of bodice slopers at the time and I did not have the mental energy to tackle jeans fitting at the same time.  One of my sisters told me I really needed new jeans because my current ones showed my bum crack when I bent over, so she took me shopping and I actually bought RTW.  A rare thing for me!  This year, I still have the denim, so I took Kenneth King's craftsy class to make a pattern off the ones I bought last year, and then Angela Wolf's class to learn to sew them so that they looked like RTW jeans.  I am enjoying it immensely and am 4 pairs in (blog post to follow!!).  So my pattern pick is Angela Wolf's pattern.  I am all about the straight legged jean at the moment, but it easy enough to change leg shape.  I like Angela's pattern because it is higher waisted in the back and lower in front... comfortable without bum crack exposure.

2.  T-shirt - Burda 6910

Of course, t-shirts are the obvious pairing with jeans.  I like this one from Burda because it has raglan sleeves and also the waist ruching means it can be cosily fitted without showing every lump and bump.

Burda Style Dresses

3.  Top - Stylearc Jocelyn Woven top

Sophisticated draped overlay top

Most of my picks this season are basics, so for a top I was looking for something a bit more interesting.  Stylearc has a very comprehensive range of top patterns.  I wanted something with a sleeve, but a slim sleeve that could be worn easily under outer layers.  The pattern allows for mixing prints or colour blocking, both things I enjoy, and will drape beautifully in a silk to give a dressy top.

4.  Jumper (Sweater) - Jalie 3355

3355 - Jalie Sweatshirt, Hoodie and Sweat Pants - Line Drawings

Like the jeans, this falls very much into the basics category.  What can I say? I need to stock up on winter basics.  My kids love their hoodies, so the wide size range of Jalie's patterns are always a plus for basic styles.

5.  Jacket - Grainline Morris Blazer

Morris Blazer

Jackets are something I never reach for, as they just don't have the comfort factor of cardigans or sweaters.  This one is drafted for ponte knits though, so comfort factor sorted!  I got serious pattern envy when everybody was making this up last year, but I have not got around to making my own version yet.

5.  Dress - Vogue 9150

Earlier this week I found myself with 10 minutes to spare when I was near Spotlight, so I ducked in to look at the pattern catalogues.  As in actual paper catalogues.  It was such a pleasure to sit and turn the pages, rather than flicker back and forth through computer screens waiting for pages to load.  This dress caught my eye.  It has nice clean lines, and the wrap skirt seems to be right on trend.  The A-line skirt makes it easy to pair with boots, and the dress has the option of sleeves, both which make it a good choice for winter.  I did google it when I came home, but have not found anybody who has made it up, so obviously it is not one with envelope appeal.

So those are my picks.  What about you, what are you sewing up for the change in seasons?


  1. I really love that dress. The seams give great options I think and I love the way the skirt has that little drape past the hemline. I have a Morris blazer similar copy (vogue pattern) nearly done too. I think all the others are great choices that can be dressed up or down. I have the Vogue pattern that looks like the Burda top/dress that I bought in that same sale just for a standard basic too. I love Style Arc but I think their block doesn't suit my body shape:(

  2. I've made the Morris blazer and its been on high rotation. It is perfect for climates that don't have cold winters. I love the Burda t-shirt which would hide many of my waistline sins and like Summer Flies am keen on the dress. The sleeve version seems to have more balance than the sleeveless.