Neon Highlights

I have a big inertia factor to overcome when it comes to dyeing.  The mess.  Past splotchy results.  Colours that don't end up quite how I imagined.  In fact, it has taken me over a year to try out some acid dyes I bought for dyeing bra notions.  I ordered just a couple of colours when I ordered tie dye kits for my kids the Christmas before last.

So I was a teensy bit excited when I pulled my elastic our of the jug and it was a brilliant fluoro yellow colour.

I dyed a small piece of power mesh and a hook and eye closing at the same time (see photo below), which also worked out wel, (although I decided not to use them).  I had heard good things about Makebra DL03, so I thought I would test it out whilst I was being all experimental.  It fits me about as well as a RTW bra, which is not that great.  So, sadly, that bra has gone off to Vinnies.  The knickers were also a bit of a dud.  They were from a self-drafted pattern that I have used before, but they seem a bit small in this lycra.  Also, that mesh cross-over bit did not really work out as a design feature.  So, nothing new to add to my underwear drawer, which is badly in need of new stock

The other dye colour was a strawberry red, which I tested out on some scrap lycra.  I'm hoping there is enough of the scrap to sew a Watson, but there may not be.  The orange pieces were from random mixing of the red and yellow dyes.  I actually have quite a hodge podge of bra making stuff in my stash at the moment.  Plenty of bits and pieces, but not really a collection of fabrics and elastics that inspires me.  I don't know whether to stock up, or make do with what I have for the moment.  When I do re-stock, I know I will be buying more dye colours and plain white notions for sure.


  1. Too bad that set didn't fit you well as it looks terrific. Lucky op shoppers! I think the citrus colours of the bits and pieces look so great together. I hope you get your Watson out of it!

  2. this past weekend I went to the mall with my daughters and we were talking about unusual combination of colors in lingerie, so you are following the USA trend in lingerie!

  3. The colour of the elastic is awesome, what a pity that the set did not work otherwise.