Pattern Curator - Autumn 2016

I own a lot of patterns.  Patterns in envelopes.  Patterns in magazines.  PDFs.  More than can fit in my laundry cupboards.  I also like drafting patterns.  So really, I probably have very little need to purchase a sewing pattern ever again.  But where would be the fun in that?  I love seeing new patterns as they are released.  So I've decided to play a little game.  You can play too, if you like.  Each season I am going to put together a collection of patterns for that season.  It takes a bit of thinking about, but I have been suffering insomnia of late, and mentally reviewing all the patterns out there is more enjoyable than counting sheep. 

The Rules.
1.  6 patterns.  Why 6?  I always loved that article in the fashion magazines that takes 6 items of clothing to mix and match.  They would use these 6 garments to create 6 outfits, presumably one for each day of the week, and then you can sit around in your underwear on Day 7 whilst you do the washing.  This way, if you like wearing dresses, you could just pick 6 dresses and wear a different one each day.  If separates are more your thing, you can have a few basics and still have a hero piece, maybe a coat, or and evening dress, or some other special item.  If you were to sew all the garments i none season, you would average a new garment every 2 weeks, which sounds doable.  A more prolific sewer could make up several versions of the same pattern to create a large wardrobe.

2.  The patterns must be currently available.  You know, to save that frustration of falling in love with a sewn garment only to find out that you cannot get your hands on the same pattern, short of spending some serious cash on ebay.

3.  Each pattern must be from a different company.  Whoa, this made it a little hard.  I tend to rely on the same pattern companies over and over.  Also, I only trust a couple of companies to make pants patterns, which means all the other items have to come from somewhere else.  This rule really pushed me to explore the options out there.

The Patterns.

My Autumn is pretty warm.  I think it is warmer than Spring.  My last day of Summer was 35°C so  I will still be wearing summery clothes for a few weeks yet.  Perhaps by the end of Autumn, I will have made it to a long sleeved t-shirt, possibly jeans and a scarf, but it will only be the very end of Autumn.

1.  Tessuti Annie Dress

This is my "hero" piece.  I love all the apron tops and dresses out there at the moment.  This dress would be perfect for any occasion where I'd like to dress nicely (you know, leave the house, be with people other than my immediate family).  I would love it made up in a small scale geometric print (I'm looking at this seersucker), but made up in a plain linen, it would be the perfect showcase for some funky jewelry. 

2.  Burdastyle Pleated Shorts


Shorts are my every day.  As the weather gets cooler, I"ll just choose warmer tops.  I love the length of these, and the roomy pleats.  I also like that they sit on the lower waist.

3.  StyleArc Ebony Woven Pant

Stylish pleated pull on pant

There have been a few different variations of pegged, pleated pants  patterns released in the last year or two, but I like that these ones have a bit of a twist with the front pleat.  I think that could make them dressier, in a plain fabric.  They are designed for wovens, but I think they would look great in a drapy knit as well.

4.  Liola Patterns Sparrow Top

Now onto the tops.  This one from Liola patterns is sleeveless, but like I said, it is still pretty warm here.  I have not made anything from Liola patterns, but her patterns seem to be very well thought out and I like the versions I see popping up.  This would be lovely made up in a drapy silk or rayon, probably using cotton for the contrast yolk so that it would be easier to sew :).

5.  Simplicity 1366  Cynthia Rowley View D

Misses' Skirt & Top Cynthia Rowley Collection
View D of this pattern is a variation of a woven t-shirt, with a boat neckline and elbow length sleeves.  It would work equally well in a a print or a plain, and the proportions would work with both the shorts and pants shown above.  A double georgette would be my fabric of choice for this top.

6.  Megan Nielsen Briar T-shirt

And last, but not least, a t-shirt.  For those days when I need comfort or just a little more warmth.  It took me a long time to settle on a t-shirt pattern.  I liked the different sleeve and length options on this one.  Also, the curved hem is perfect for layering.  From my experience, it is a little tricky to hack a pattern and get the perfect curved hem, so I would rather start with this pattern, and modify to a straight hem if I wanted, than start with a straight hem pattern and try to do a curved hem hack.

So, these are my picks for Autumn 2016.  What are your picks for this season?


  1. I like this plan! It's so hard not to get distracted by the new and shiny. This gives some focus. Although you know I like to sew multiples. Love that style arc pattern,

  2. This is a great plan. I like the focus it gives. I love the Simplicity pattern, including the skirt, and I also like the Tessuti dress but I'm going to hack one of the new Ottobre patterns into that dress as I don't want to spend the money (and I hate taping together patterns more than I hate tracing them).

  3. I like this idea! I might do it. I need some focus to my sewing at the moment. But I think I will use vintage patterns I already own, because then I'd be playing two games - this and vintage pattern pledge! Although the Annie dress is very tempting... :-D

    1. It seems that you have a large collection of vintage patterns, so this could work for you!

      I find it hard to use vintage patterns because of the disconnect between the stylised line drawings and resulting garment.

  4. Ooh, sounds like fun! But I think I'll try limit it to one new pattern (two max), and I'm not going to worry about using 6 different pattern companies. I'm frankenpatterning up some skirted leggings (Magic Pencil Skirt plus and old Kwik Sew leggings pattern), so I'll need a loose top to go with that. I've got a ton of those types of patterns in the stash already. And I love a long flowing skirt (old New Look pattern) - which needs a fitted top to go with it. Maybe the Tonic Tee? And my new pattern should be the Pamela's Patterns Classic TShirt Dress. Maybe one more loose top? Or a cardigan for the office air conditioning? Hmmm...

    1. Yes...it would be a good game using stash patterns as well. I have so many stash patterns that have never been used.

  5. This looks like a great collection that is very you. I've always been very undisciplined about sewing with any kind of plan, but will enjoy following yours!

  6. Great choices! I am a sucker for s1366 and have just bought some denim to make up the Alice dress although I'm going to try it above knee height and wear a short sleeve tee underneath for Autumn and long sleeve for winter. That's the plan anyway - not sure if it will work!

    1. A knee length Alice dress would be very cute. I have been googling "pinafore" dresses lately, which sounds like the look you are going for.