Leather Bag

When I got my new sewing machine last year, I immediately tested it out on all sorts of projects.  This leather bag was one of my "tests" and also my first time sewing leather.

The pattern is the sidekick tote from Noodlehead.   The pattern comes in 2 sizes.  I made the smaller size.

The leather is a hot orange lambskin, from EmmaOneSock.  It is a thin and soft leather, so not too difficult for my first leather project.  I didn't use any interfacing on the bag.  The lining is a cotton canvas.

The top of the bag is closed with a recessed zip.

Internal zippered pocket.

It is a smaller bag than I usually carry, really just holding wallet, phone, keys and a few bits and bobs.  It is nicer to carry a lighter bag than usual though.

My only problem sewing this leather bag on my machine was that the stitching came apart a little at the top of the side seams on each side.  I will have to remember to secure this stitching next time.  I used top-stitching thread for the top-stitching.  Actually, I had top-stitching threads a very similar colour...one worked like a charm and the other one kept tangling up the stitched underneath...one of those strange sewing mysteries.

I tried really hard to use some lovely red anorak snaps on the straps.  I have been hoarding these snaps for years, waiting for the perfect project.  Turns out that they were not strong enough for the straps, and would not hold, so my straps are not adjustable.  

I used a magnetic snap to close the front pocket.  Next time I make this, I will extend the front pocket right up to the pocket flap, as I don't use this pocket much as it does not seem so secure when the flap is so high above the pocket.

I used pleats instead of darts for the bottom shaping.

The bag has been a  huge success, and I have used it heaps.


  1. This looks fantastic - love the orange leather. I've seen a few great noodle head bags lately, I'm keen to try one of her patterns soon.

  2. Very nice! Definitely a good idea to go with lightweight leather first. I have a nice machine, and I still trip it up with leather at times.

  3. What a great bag! I really like your colour scheme.

  4. Your 1st leather sewing project? Wow! Great job! Fun color too. I can see why you have used it a lot.

  5. This is gorgeous. I love the colours and the mixture of prints. I'm inspired!