Fehr Trade Kimono Sweat

The Kimono Sweat by Fehr Trade has 2 tops in the one pattern, both of which I can show you today.

View B is a sleeveless tank with deep armholes.  I confess, I do not love the look of this top; however, it is a very practical garment for running in hot weather.  I do love my running tanks, but just sometimes, I do not wake up as early as I would like for my Sunday run and the sleeveless Kimono Sweat still protects my shoulders from the sun (by 6:30 am the sun is already beating down on us here at the moment).

This last week has been very hot, and Lincraft has their activewear fabric half price at the moment, so I quickly made up a fluoro version.  Some people in my household think I could have just gone and got myself a safety vest.

I can also show you my tester version of View A, which has short kimono sleeves.  I love, love, love View A of this pattern.  I can't find a good image for comparison, but it gives me the same vibe as some of the woven tops that Phoebe Philo has designed for Celine.   I think it would work out great made up in a chambray (only chambray is a terrible colour on me) or even an organza (the organza I put aside for this got snaffled up in my frenzy of summer swing tanks), but I haven't got beyond my imagination for these versions yet.  I can show you my tester version made up in fleece remnants.

Now, as a bonus, I can show you an unfinished version of a mash up of the Kimono Sweat with the Jasper Sweater from Paprika Patterns.  I just got too busy with with other stuff last year and did not get around to finishing this off...and the weather got hot and I didn't need it...and I can't decide what colour tabs to put at the neck. and whether to face or hem the sleeves.  This winter, I will finish it for sure.

(do you like the way it looks as though I am sprouting palm leaves from my head?)


  1. I like the sleeved version of the Fehr Trade pattern too. No sure how it would work in a woven, but I was thinking white linen.