Oversized linen t-shirt dress

Initially, I planned for this fabric to be a cardigan.  Then I tried on a dress whilst on holidays, and thought maybe I could re-create it in a more flattering colour.  Only it has ended up a bit short, due to fabric limitations.  And possibly, it is a bit sheer to be worn in public, unless as a beach throw-over.  Happily, it is perfect for wearing at home.  I have been living in my missoni tank dress all summer, and I think this one will take over from the tank dress as the weather cools a bit.

The fabric is a linen knit from EmmaOneSock (this colour was called grape, and does not seem to be currently available).  In the past I have had trouble binding the necklines of linen knits.  This time, I interfaced the binding with a tricot fusible interfacing, and had no problems.

For the pattern, I started with the drape drape 2 t-shirt, no. 4.  I used the half of the pattern not on the fold, raised the neckline, lengthened as much as a could and cut a curved hem.

And it seems I have enough fabric left on the sides to cut out a short-sleeved, light weight cardigan....suggesting that perhaps if I had lay the fabric out fully, and played with the pattern layout, instead of trying to cut out in a too small space, I would have been able to cut a longer dress.  No worries, it will get plenty of wear just the way it is. 


  1. That fabric looks really nice and what a great colour. I will mentally note the tip to use some of the tricot fusible interfacing when if I ever use my cover stitch.