Big, red skirt

Merry Christmas to all!  I hope that you are all enjoying the festive season.

This skirt was a last minute make for a Christmas morning tea.

 It has pockets...
 ...dramatic potential...
 ...curved side splits...

 ...a big bow...
 ...and twirling capability!

The pattern is OOP Vogue 2970, a Donna Karan pattern.   Construction-wise, it is a bit odd.  There are lots of raw edges.  Heaps of basting, which I have yet to pull out.  The hem is raw and there a double hem facing on the inside of the skirt, one left raw and a narrower one with turned under edges.  The bow is a bit weird. 

Vogue Designer 2970 Misses Very Loose-Fitting Top and Pleated Skirt sewing pattern sizes 4-6-8 brand new Donna Karan DKNY

It was a last minute make, and I stayed up late the night before trying to finish it.  I couldn't keep my eyes open, so it was suggested that I get up early in the morning to hem...even the hemming took me 2 hours.  There were lots of pieces and it didn't help that I got a couple of them mixed up.  I snipped my pleat marks, not realising that the snip marks would be exposed because of the raw edges along the waist...all adding to that raw edge appeal, I guess.

The fabric is from The Fabric Store in Brisbane.  I got excellent service from them.  I rang them on Wednesday, asking for red fabric for a full pleated skirt.  They photographed a couple of options, and I went with the cheaper viscose lycra blend, as the pattern is a real fabric hog, needing almost 4 m of 150 cm wide fabric.  I placed my order by phone on Thursday and received the fabric on Friday.  Thumbs up to Australia Post as well.

The Liberty print camisole I am wearing featured on my very first blog post back in 2007.

I hope that you are all spending Christmas with loved ones and I'm sure many of you are wearing your own sewn creations on this day of celebration.  Love to all, K


  1. Katherine, it looks fabulous and dramatic and the top is gorgeous too. You have been very busy. I love the new dramatic poses... I hope you have loved ones close and a great Christmas and New Year.

  2. It's beautiful! I love all the odd-ness about the pattern- the bow and the raw edges. Cool make!

  3. What a fab festive skirt! Have a great Xmas with the fam!

  4. Fab, festive and fiesty...love it!

  5. Wonderfully festive and summery! Love your penguin friend. We have a large Australian Geographic blow up emperor penguin who comes on holidays with the family. Now I'm inspired to include him in my blog photos too!

  6. I love your red skirt. It makes me smile, such a unique,interesting design and bright color. You look great in this outfit!

  7. Your fun skirt inspired me to make a blue one with a big bow. It doesn't really look that much like yours in the end, but I thought I'd let you know I linked over. :-) http://southshorehandmade.blogspot.com/2015/01/what-do-i-wear-with-my-new-skirt.html

  8. I love this skirt, and I've been meaning to comment since your post popped up in my reader - sorry to be so late! This pattern is one I was obsessed with for a long time, but could never find for sale :). I'm really pleased to see it sewn up - it looks as good as I would have expected, though what a lot of work it sounds! I think the raw edges with the curved side splits look very interesting, even though they don't seem to save any sewing time the way I'd normally expect them to! I like the bow too, I don't think it looks weird at all and I reckon it would do a great job of concealing a big lunch or morning tea. Looks great with your Liberty top too - and how satisfying that it's still going strong!