Pink Workout Wear

I had pink thread in my overlocker, so I finally got around to making up my pink supplex fabrics.

First up, I made the Jalie 2796 skort.

I love the pockets / side panel.  The diagonal bottom edges of the side panel are really flattering.  I was thinking about adapting my shorts pattern to have pockets like this, but I have just found out that the new Jalies include a shorts pattern with these pockets, so I took the lazy option and ordered the pattern.

The only change that I made to the pattern was to insert elastic in the waistband.  I have worn this skort a couple of times now, and I have to say that I find it noticeably hotter to exercise in than shorts or capris, probably because the skirt / compression shorts combo results in a double layer of fabric.

The top that I have paired it with is made from the Fehr Trade XYT Workout Top.  I compared the XYT pattern to my TNT workout top pattern.  My TNT top has the inbuilt bra the same size as the outer, but with greater negative ease than the XYT top.  Based on this, I took in the bust of my XYT pattern and used the pattern for both the outer and the lining.  I like the feel of this, but it does emphasis the lumpy bits at the back. 


I used some mesh elastic for the 'T'.  Possibly I cut this a bit short.

I also made the 'Y' version of the top. 

The lining in these tops is about an inch shorter than my TNT pattern, which I think, now that I look at the photos, affects the shape of the bust.  Next time, I will add about an inch length to the lining pieces.


  1. Really nice! I'm mysteriously on a pink kick right now and these are so cool! I was thinking how much I love those Jalie skirt pockets with my skirts and then BAM they now have the shorts with them. I'm trying to justify buying the pattern still :) Did you get it? I'd love to see them sewn up.

  2. Super cute. Super. I noticed the same with the skirt. But, now I use a thinner material for the compression portion. But, I think I need to sort out how to add chamois for when I want them for biking.

  3. Great combo! I have made the Jalie skort and used a cotton lycra blend for the shorts part. Yes, they do show sweat marks but as it is under the skirt you can't see it. I also put the cotton lycra in the front skirt panels and I find that pair is cooler to wear.

  4. Really enjoy seeing all your workout gear - hoping the inspiration will get my butt into gear! I'm on a black kick at the moment so loved seeing your shot of colour.

  5. Oh,oh, I was just on the Jalie site this morning considering the skorts. I'm definitely buying them now after seeing your lovely make.