Peekaboo Lace

The thing about sewing...well, you make a decision here, choose something there, rummage around to find a solution to something or other...and end up with a garment that wasn't what you planned.

That is what happened with this top, which is my first Knipmode project.

This pattern is for a jersey top with woven silk yoke and side panels.  Everything looks pretty ordinary at the back, but the front has an interesting blouson design. 

I bought this knit fabric because I have some black orphan pants in my wardrobe (I am not good with wearing black).  I was going to make the whole top in the knit, but did not have enough fabric.  I rummaged around for a matching woven, but couldn't find anything I was happy with.  Then I got the idea to use some lace for the side panels, which I think is a really interesting take on the lace insert trend.

Photos of the top on me.

Then inside out on the dressform.  You can see how the side panels wrap around to the front, holding everything in place.

On the back you can see that I did not use a contrasting yoke.  I also shortened the back and added a hem-band to the whole of the top, rather than just the front.  This hem-band is half the width of the one suggested with the pattern.  Next time, I will shorten the top by 4 - 5 cm.

I really like the style of this top and am thinking about making it again.  I'd like to do a sporty version, using a sports mesh for the side panels.  I'd also like to do a dressy version, using knit for the back and sides and a silk print for the blousy section at the front.

Sadly, I don't actually like this top very much.  I think it is the colours.  The faded black just feels a little grungy to me and I am more of a colours person.  Also, worn with jeans seems to give a long torso, dumpy leg look.

I tried it quickly with my yellow skirt.  The yellow seems to give it a lift, but seeing as I like my other tops with the yellow better, I probably won't wear it this way.

Here it is with the black orphan pants I was talking about.  It is okay, but I don't feel gorgeous.

Anyway, if anybody else is thinking of making this top, here are the instructions, as translated by Google.  Melissa also has a great post on this pattern.  If it wasn't for her pictures, I may not have understood that the side panels met together at the front.

Knip Mode June 2011 Model 15
pattern parts
1. front
2. zijvoorpand
3. back
4. armsgatbies

Make Parts 1 and 3 whole pattern pieces

Cut. Cut part 3 on the line through so that the achterpas arises. Cut the neckline front and achterpas without seam.

work order
Attention. Ironing Vlieseline Band seam on the inside line pattern on the shoulder - neck and seams, see "Vlieseline Seam Band ', p. 30.
Folds. Fold the fabric for the pleats with right sides together. Fold and press the fold depths in the direction of the arrow and set them along the top and bottom front fixed.
Front. Zijvoorpand Stitch along the top edge and side edge of the front. Fold the front on the line marked inside. Place the lower edge of the seams on the front and side panel together. Stitch the lower front to the front.
Construction. Stitch back yoke to the back. Stitch the shoulder seams. Stitch the side seams.
Neckband. Connect the neckband. Stitch one edge of the strip on the inside neckline. Give snips in the neck joints. Fold the facing to the seam on the right side and stitch the other edge on the narrow side with a solid impact.
Armsgatbiezen. Connect the piping. Fold the double bands with the wrong sides together and turn the edges turn on each other. Sew the piping along the armsgatranden.
Finish. Sew a double or twin needle stitching a hem of 2 cm wide at the bottom edge properties, see "Stitching twin needle," p. 30.


  1. Shame you don't like it very much. I quite like the colours. It looks better with a skirt than trousers. would you consider tucking it in and adding a belt?

  2. As someone who always wears the brightest colours she can find I understand why you don't like the top. On the other hand: I think it suits your complexion very well. Do you think you could lengthen the hem band somehow? I find tops that hit just under the hip are much less prone to the stumpy-leg-syndrome

  3. I really love it! It is quite edgy and I imagine it with drainpipes and killer heels!

  4. I agree with Sherry! I see it with some black, funky seamed, slim pants-- like motorcycle pants.

  5. It's a really intriguing design - pity you don't like the colours on you and that it seems hard to find something to pair it with. I like it on you, and think it's very chic, so I wonder if it can be selvaged in some way that you like it on you too?

  6. I really like this too! Cool idea on the lace. I'm with Sherry... edgy... you could definitely pull off brightly colored skinny-ish pants and they'd play off the top in a funky way. (Fuschia!) With the black bottoms the jazz of the top gets hidden.

  7. Shame this combo didn't work out, but I really like this on you, and I'm glad I was able to help and inspire you! :)

  8. I really like it too - very very much actually - for an urban cool kind of look, with either a narrow skirt or tight jeans. Can you match it with something electric blueon the bottom half for a bit more colour? Also I suspect your legs are being done a disservice by the camera angle. BTW too I have a colleague with a longer torso and shorter legs than you who I've seen really rock this length of top - with heels and a fitted bottom half.

  9. Wow! This is such a cool top. I love how you have used the lace for the inset. I hope you keep trying to find something you like to wear with it, maybe an "above knee" fitted skirt in a bright color?