Are we there yet?

After four days break over Easter, and encouraged by your comments on my previous post, I had another go at my t-shirt pattern.

Marie-Christine was right.  I didn't say which features I liked in the previous shirt and which shirt I preferred to wear...that was because I wasn't sure.  I did wear them some more over the last few days.  I liked the shorter shoulder length of the C&M version, but when I was wearing it, I noticed a weird pointy thing happening at the shoulder seam and the sleeve would ride up when I raised my arm and not slide back down, suggesting that the sleeve cap wasn't big enough.

I pinned the C&M pattern to my body double and did some fitting adjustments.  There were some changes to the shoulder slope and armscye and of course, width added to the side.

 I sort of draped the top part of the sleeve cap.

This is the resulting shirt.

The binding is pulling in the neck.  I did not have enough fabric to play around and get the binding right...1st go had to be final go.

There was enough width so stop the shirt riding up at the back, but I must have got used to shirts doing that because I pulled it up into that position.

There are some wrinkles on the sleeve, but that changes with my arm position.  I haven't hemmed the sleeves yet as I have a few more dark projects before I change back to white cotton.  I also havn't decided how short to make them.

What do you think?  Any more changes to make or can I stop here?  This pattern was made for stable knits, though I do know how to change it for stretchier knits.  I would also need to take in the waist more if I wanted a closely fitted top.

The final pattern has ended up closest to my self-drafted version.  I had to add some length to the bodice in the shoulder area.  The closest commercial pattern to the end point was the Jalie pattern.


  1. I have been away on holiday and just come back to read about the tee-athon. Wow! Wow! What a comprehensive sample - good to see that binder getting a workout too. A good fitting tee that is nicely constructed is a thing of beauty that will get flogged to rags. It would in my household, at any rate.

  2. I'll agree with Mary Nanna, I am blown away (or maybe just boggled) by your plethora of comparisons. I don't have any comments on the new T---it depends entirely on what you're going for, I think---but I'm fascinated with all the subtle variations and the differences that result...

  3. I, too, am blown away by your multiple versions here. I think this last one looks pretty darned good. I love the neckline shape and I think it really flatters you.

    I do prefer the sleeves on your previous self-drafted one though. The sleeves sort of *wing out* on this one. This happens to me all the time in RTW and it really bugs me so I can't stop seeing it on t-shirts everywhere!

  4. I think the perfect Tshirt is very dependent on the wearere and their personal preference; and it is interesting that you are coming tothe conclusion that your own self-drafted Tshirt was already near to perfection!
    Dare I congratulate you now on your swimsuit success...? is it too early? Like I said before; your entry was absolutely fabulous. The piecing is superb. And the shot of you in them was perfectly glam!

  5. I can appreciate now how it is that you make clothes that look so good - you obviously have a great eye for details!

    Do you think this is The One?

  6. Seems like you have a couple different ideas to play with and you'll probably come back to more than one depending on your mood. Now that I'm thinking about it I kind of like how tshirts sometimes start to gather around the hips so I'd probably pull it up too!