False Eyelashes

My friends are often surprised when I don't sew a new dress for special occasions.  New dresses are fun, but it does seem a bit consumeristic to only wear them once or twice.   This year, I decided to add some sparkle to my Christmas outfits with my new, favourite accessory instead...false eyelashes. 

My local chemist has just started stocking the Napoleon Perdis range.  I thought that these green eyelashes were very Christmas-y.

Gotta love the self-portrait taken by holding the camera with outstretched arms and clicking.

This dress was first blogged about here.


  1. Ditto! (lurve that dress 2)

  2. Very cool. Great dress too.

  3. What fun. I have had a pair of falsies (lashes) in my makeup drawer for years. Your post makes me want to wear them.

  4. I just got to grips with lenses - not sure I dare try false lashes too!
    They look like great fun. Have a great Christmas.