Vintage Slip 1

The first muslin in my slip project was made using Bevknits 4004.  Okay, so maybe vintage patternistas would not put this in the vintage category, but it is definitely out of print, so I will group it with my vintage patterns.  I don't know what era it is from, maybe 70s maybe 80s?

It was designed for knit fabrics, so I tested it out using some knit lining that I had bought by mistake, thinking that it was suitable for swimwear.  The stretchy lace is from Spotlight and the elastic for the straps (which is a lovely elastic - I must get more) is from that funny little shop in Cairns.

So what do I think of the pattern?  It has potential.  The lining fabric is a little bit scratchy, but if I found a nice quality tricot I would probably make it up.  I did lower the position of the front neckline lace by 3 - 4 cm.  I would need to make some fitting changes in the upper bust region.  Zig-zagging along the wavy edges of the elastic does require a little concentration, but everything else comes together easily.  I did alter the construction a little, by cutting double of the side bust panel seams so that I could encase the bust seam.

I have no idea where I could get good quality tricot though.  Any suggestions?


  1. The Bargain Box in Cairns has nice tricot, powermesh and assorted bra making stuff. Is that the "funny little shop" where you bought your strap elastic?

  2. Hello Mae,

    i will have to go to bargain Box in cairns...I am visiting there again soon.

    The funny, little shop I referred to (in this post http://sewblooms.blogspot.com/2011/07/blue-lovelies.html) is

    Cozy Ma
    Up a little laneway next to Orchid Plaza on Lake Street in the city.

  3. I like your first attempt. Looking forward to seeing what's next. Sounds like we have another place to pop into on your visit.

  4. I've lived in Cairns for 21 years and I've never heard of Cozy Ma! I am going there tomorrow.