Burda Tunic for girls

I adore everything about this Burda tunic (8/2010 #145).

The care-free style.

The drawstring shoulder ties.

The drop-waist casing and drawstring, and hip pockets.

It is what I would want to wear if I was 8 years old.  Actually, my Mum made me a very similar dress when I was eight and I loved it.  Only it had large patch pockets with zips.

After paying so much for the buttons on my previous shirt, I went and bought a jar of buttons from Vinnies for $3.  None of the buttons for this tunic are identical.  They are all the same size, colour and shape, each with a different logo embossed on top.  I don't think anyone will notice.

We have all been doing a bit of sewing today.  The last photo is of my youngest son, using the pencil case that he just made himself.


  1. I love bargain Op-Shop buttons. They are especially helpful when only one button is needed on pants or the neck of a baby dress. Love the tunic

  2. I love the tunic too! Tell DS well done on his pencil case.

  3. Super cute outfit! Love the fabric too.

  4. I love this tunic too. I also love all the little details you pointed out. Very cute with the matching tights and watering can.

  5. This is an adorable tunic! It has so many fun details and the fabric is great.

  6. How cute! I think I would like a tunic just like this now, never mind when I was eight. I like that the buttons don't all match perfectly. I have a big bag of buttons that I got from a craft store and I use them all the time this same way. It adds character ;)

  7. What wonderful pictures of your kids. Thanks for sharing. I really like that little tunic and I think she does too!