Pegged Trousers

Okay, confessions time.

So last year, trousers came back.  After what seems like a decade of the dress, trousers were featuring in the fashion mags again, and I wanted some of the action.  I dallied with Vogue 8657, but really, elastic-waisted pants are best left for jammies.  I ummed and I ahhed and then I saw Jorth's pants.  I wanted Jorth's pants.  It was too late for me to get that copy of Burda.  I scoured the pattern books looking for something similar.  I hung about the Burda box at the library, hoping that someone would return this edition.  Then one night, I sat down to draft my own version.  I was just putting pencil to paper, when I paused, thought how ridiculous,  I do not have time for drafting, it is nearly the end of the year and I have about a gazillion things to do before kids break up from school.  So I went and bought trousers.  I, who never buy clothing, went a bought a black pair of pants.  They did cost me a small fortune (which I think is why Jorth sewed hers in the first place).  They do look good and I do wear them.

This month, the Burda mag finally showed up at the library (I could have reserved it, but I did not want to put that sort of pressure on someone who might actually be using it, or thinking about using it, or hoping to get a moment to trace off patterns before the due date....like I am hoping to trace off patterns from another edition I have that is waaay over due.)

I made up Burda 6/2010 #105 using fabric from my stash.  I can't remember the composition of the fabric, though I suspect it is a blend.  It is more robust than I expected.  I was expecting it to fray badly, but it didn't.  It is a little springy, but presses well.  The colour matches more of my tops than I anticipated.

In these photos, I have already been wearing them for several hours and they have bagged out a bit.  This is my first time sewing Burda trousers.  My hip size is 42, but after comparing the pattern with others I use, I went with a 40.

Here I am, reading the camera manual, trying to work out setting in my new photo location.  I may be deceiving myself, but I think the pants look less clown-like in real life.  Though, I don't think I'll make another pair in this style.  There's probably a good reason why pegged trousers all but disappeared for a while.

 So the Burda pants don't fit as well from the back as my Marfy pants.  I'll know this for next time.  I could unpick them and fix this, which would also reduce the clown-like bagginess a the front.  Or I could just stop taking rear view photos.

I do like them though.  I'll just make sure I wear them before the fashion fades away.  Not everything has to be classic, right?


  1. Love your mustard pants. I've made these too, in black linen like Jorth, but for some reason mine do not drape at the front. I also lengthened the leg.

  2. I love these, and the colour is really gorgeous! Definitely NOT clown-like.

  3. That's a great, useful colour and I really like the style on you - I wonder if they'll grow on you? They look very comfortable too!

  4. I love these pants on you - really perfect - the colour is really striking and beautiful and it's such a modern style.

  5. Really neat slacks, love the color!!!

  6. I love them - especially the colour. I'm thinking of making another pair in green for summer!

    xo Jorth

  7. Wow, these are so breezy. The color and cut make them look so effortlessly chic.