Growed-up Trousers

Most of the trousers I make my kids are elastic waist pants.  I have been doing a bit of stash-busting this week.  I was going to eek out a skirt for myself from this fabric, but really, such a classic (boring) skirt is not one that I would wear a lot.  So my son got this remnant piece.  I combined it with a thrifted zipper and button and an Ottobre pattern that I traced off years ago and never used.

He is most pleased with them and asked me "could you remind me that I have these Mum, so that I can wear them again?".  Unlike the other umpteen pairs that I have made him and are either lodged at the back of the drawer or have been handed down to nephews, hardly worn.

I only had enough fabric for one back pocket.

He is wearing it with a linen shirt that I re-made for his brother 5 years ago.  It has been worn twice in those years.  Once to a christening and once to a wedding.  Apparently it is a really, really itchy linen.  The shirt was way too big when I bought it, so I cut it down and used the scraps to add the pockets, pocket flaps, and sleeve tabs.
This close-up shows that the trousers are a little on the big side.  He doesn't seem to mind though.


  1. Looking smart in his big boy pants!

  2. What a cute little chap - looking so pleased :-). They really are proper growed up trousers, I hope he gets lots of wear from them.

  3. Ha! That comment is so gorgeous "can you remind me about these so I can wear them again." My son is so fussy about clothes anything I made would surely be rejected - along with everything I buy - so those pants must be a hit indeed!

  4. What a sweet comment! And very smart looking pants for a little guy.

  5. Your kids are so cute. Too big is good - my daughter's clothes when they were little were worn for three years. The year it was too big, the year it was just right, and the year they wouldn't part with it!

  6. That is such a sweet thing for him to say! And a bit too big is good, as there is no doubt he will grow and they will fit for that much longer!
    The shirt you made for your husband is beautifully made too, and that fabric is lovely... I think it is very generous of you to give it up!

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  8. Great job on your boy's pants, My eldest boy is ten and I'm still doing a mock fly on his pants, I dread the day when I have to make real boy pants!

    Thanks for the info on cowl tops, it looks easy, can't wait to try it.