Queue Jumper

This week I was compelled to sew this top.  Not sure why..moon phase, hormones, tropical heat stroke?  I have plenty of must-sew (Christmas presents), a UFO, a special project for me, but this is the top that demanded to be sewn.

The pattern:  "Read Between the Lines" from "Twinkle Sews".  I liked this pattern on the model, but didn't think I would ever sew it up because it has several features that I usually avoid.  It is not very bra-friendly.  The designer recommends wearing it over a plain coloured tank, but it is way too hot hear to wear breezy, summery tops over tanks here.  The humidity is on the rise and shortly I won't be able to bear any knit fabrics against my skin.  I have modified the pattern to make it more bra-friendly.  It also has that "surely, she's not pregnant again" empire line.  It is longer than I usually wear my tops.  In spite of all this, I like the final version and think I will get plenty of wear from it this summer.  The main problem is that because it is such a deviation in silhouette from the rest of my wardrobe, I don't have the right shorts or pants to wear with it (I am sorely disappointed that this book doesn't provide the pattern for the gorgeous pants featured on p99, for anyone who has this book).  See my pattern review for details.

The fabric:  If you thought that seersucker was best left to children or tablecloths, check out the Imazu range at Tessuti.  I made this top from Imazu Night.  Seriously grown-up seersucker.  I ordered a fabric for the contrast panel, but the fabric turned out to be so popular that it sold out before my order was filled.  So I ordered a back-up fabric, which was too heavy, and a second back-up, which was not quite the right colour.  Then I combed my stash for something suitable and came up short.  Finally, I emptied out the remnant drawer and made a patchwork of different scraps.  Sometimes creativity is forced upon us!  I love the final result...the textures and colours all harmonise beautifully with the Imazu.

The ochre scraps are from one of my all-time favourite fabrics.  It is a Roberto Calvalli fabric purchased from Apple Annie Fabrics.  It began life as this jacket.  The fabric was a very generous width, so I had plenty left to make this skirt.  Then I used a strip of it on the handle of this bag.  It is a beautiful texture and so perfect for the outer of this pencil roll.  It complemented some other scraps to make-up my ballet shoes bag.  And now it features in this Twinkle top.  And still, I have some left...I reckon it will pop up one or two more times yet!


  1. Hey cute! And you have got to love a pattern that also manages to incorporate beloved pieces from other projects.

    I am also having this weird thing with sewing that I am drawn to make things that are not what I planned to, I think it's curiousity getting the better of me. In your case you still get a nice summer top, in my case, a winter coat for ..next winter.

  2. I love it. So original, fun and cool! Enjoy wearing it!

  3. That little bit of patchwork is just perfect.

  4. What a great mix of fabrics. I love it!

  5. Very avant-garde! I love unusual clothes, something not run of the mill. I think that top looks fabulous on you.

  6. Looks like a bit of fun! Would like to see the seersucker in person. It's a bit hard to see. Enjoy wearing it!