Twist-top Mock-up

I made a mock up of Butterick 5283 View C, using remnants somebody had given me, because I could not follow the instructions just by reading them.  This week I got my overlocker and coverstitch machine serviced, and I thought I would test them out by finishing off my mock-up.

I bought this pattern, thinking it would great to use if you needed to re-vamp an oversized t-shirt...you know, the ones you have to wear to support a footy team or the like.  I laid it out over one shirt and couldn't get the pieces to quite work, but I haven't given up on this idea yet.

I did make some pattern changes.  The pattern suggests cutting two fronts and sewing them right sides together, turning out before attaching to the back.  I don't think this is necessary, if you bind the centre front neckline edges before twisting.  I didn't actually bind the edges, just turned them over, after the twist, given that this is going to be back-yard wear.

I like the shaping of the shirt, with the extended shoulder and close fit through the hips (well, on me, I didn't do my usual grading out over the hips).


  1. Looks all a bit fun! Aren't you supposed to be packing???

  2. looking good - what an interesting bodice detail, that's going to make great backyard wear ...