Blouse to give-away

I made this blouse a few months ago, but I have not worn it. It is not quite the right colour or style for me, but the fabric is lovely, so I would like to give it away to a good home if possible.

The pattern: Burda WOF 6/2006 122. I drafted my own collar as I was not fussed on a jewel neck.

The fabric: A paisley cotton eyelet from Emmaonesock. It is a medium weight cotton, so can be worn as an overblouse.

The size: I haven't kept detailed notes on my pattern alterations, but it is most likely that I started with a Sz 40, did a narrow chest alteration and widened at the hips. Sz 40 has bust, waist, hip of 92 cm, 74 cm, 98 cm. My measurements are 89 cm, 74 cm, 102 cm.

If you think that this might fit you, leave a comment telling me how you will wear it.


  1. Your blouse is beautiful, I am so sorry it didn't work out for you.

    I would wear it as a jacket, with a bright tank and long necklaces.

    All your work is wonderful.

  2. Of course, I can't fit it, being several sizes larger than your svelte self. However, for the sake of imagination, it reminds me of the Eastern European peasant tradition - I'd wear a la Russian with a full black skirt and fitted jacket.

    The fabric is gorgeous - the pattern is sweet too - shame you never found a way to make it work.

  3. The changes you made are lovely. I see the blouse in many ways--definitely jeans with great earrings. As an open jacket over a bright sundress. With a great fitted wool suit jacket and pants in a dark navy and black. You rock--lovely work

  4. The blouse looks really lovely but regrettably it wouldn't be quite my size. The fabric looks really nice - I like the darts into the neckline, and the collar.
    It can be really frustrating to put a lot of work into something that ends up being not quite right, for reasons unrelated to fabric and workmanship. Too heartbreaking to send to the Op Shop - much nicer to ensure it has an appreciative home!

  5. You did a great job.!! That blouse is looking truly awesome. I would like to wear it with my new black skirt.