Comfy and Chic? Really.

This is the dress that I never want to take off. It is sooooooo comfortable. I have washed out the colour of these photos so that you can see the front detail.

I love scarves more than jewellery, mostly for the pop of colour that they add.

The pattern: Vogue 8530

I made a few minor alterations to the pattern; shortened the length, cut the back on the fold and omitted the back slit, and made longer, narrower cuffs so that I could get a blousing effect in the sleeves.

I tried a new approach for my fit alterations, cutting a size 6 in the front and a size 12 in the back. This seemed to take care of the narrow chest alteration and the forward shoulder alterations. I fiddled about with the pleats a little, to get them to sit right on me. There was enough ease that I didn't need to add any width in the hips, in spite of measuring a Sz 16.

The fabric: Purdie Blue Charcoal from Tessuti.

This photo shows the colour. The fabric has a beautiful, heavy drape, which I think is essential for this dress style to be flattering. It is also very soft. I only wish my tights were so comfortable...that is the only reason that I have not worn this dress every day this week.


  1. Great dress. I just made a summer dress that I feel the same way about. But it's in the wash right now!

  2. Comfy and Chic are perfect descriptions! I will keep this in mind for the fall. Thanks.

  3. That's a great dress and the legs aren't bad either.Thanks.

  4. Looks like a fun comfy dress. Have you tried pairing it with you tuxedo-stripe tights?

  5. I love the lines on this dress, the drape is just gorgeous. Another success. But of course.

  6. It does, indeed,look comfy. And stylish. It looks nice with the tights.

  7. I could live in dresses like that too!

  8. The dress is awesome and stylish, I like the front detail and the form of the sleeves you altered. That's exactly what I need.

  9. Hi

    This dress looks just lovely. Inspired by your photo, I have bought the pattern. I have some heavy navy silk crepe that might look ok (I gather that you used a knit,is that right? But the pattern is not specifically for knit fabrics). I really enjoy your blog.



  10. Wow, great dress! No wonder you donlt want to take it off. Looks really versatile.