Wrap denim skirt

I wanted to get a few clothes sewn quickly, but it seems everything takes me longer than I would like it to. This is my first completed project for the year, and I must confess, I don't actually like it very much. The pattern is Burda WOF 4/2006 113 mock wrap skirt. The zip / wrap bit at the front is mock, and the skirt opening is actually an invisible zipper in the CB seam. I added a front hip pocket and a back pocket, to give it a denim-skirt look. Somehow, I still have a very boring skirt.

I don't think the problem is the pattern, I think it is the fabric. It is a stretch denim from Knitwit, bought a few years ago. It is not really my colour, so it sat in my stash for a while, until I saw pictures of the following Chloe skirt on net-a-porter. I wasn't trying to reproduce the Chloe skirt, just go with the same sort of feel.

I think the fabric has too much elastane, which makes it hot and drapey...whoever heard of a VPL in a denim skirt?? I was wondering if I should try distressing the denim. My quick internet search shows that denim can be distressed by rubbing it with sandpaper. Sounds to me like it would be similar to plucking your eyebrows...it is important to know when to stop! Have any of you tried distressing your own denim projects?

I do like the buckle. I took it from my mother's sewing box a few years ago for a baby bag I was making. It has been in her box forever...I remember playing with it and a matching green buckle when I was a child. She has a beautiful wooden sewing box with hinged drawers that I used to love looking into.

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  1. I love your use of the red buckle and matching top stitching. (and nice tidy stitching it is too!) Shame this skirt fails to deliver. It looks pretty cute from here.. perhaps a case of, "I sewed it" ?